Since 1983, MicroVision(tm) has been selling, servicing and supporting computer systems, offering training and consulting in many different fields of the computer industry and troubleshooting and repairing many different brands of PC DOS, MS DOS, UNIX, and Microsoft Windows based computer systems. Over the years, we have added more services to fit the changing needs of our customers.

WEB Page Authoring and Consulting Specialists!

MicroVision Inc. is The Best Choice for your World Wide Web Page Consulting, Designing, and Updating Service on the internet! MicroVision has won several awards of excellence for World Wide Web design and presentation. And with our Rates being Very Reasonable, you can't go wrong with MicroVision Inc. We are located in Sunny WebCoast, Florida, specializing in World Wide Web Advertising as well as Internet Training and Consulting!

Complete Internet Provider/Consultants!

MicroVision Inc. can handle all your internet access needs.  We are a Registered Agent/Reseller for Road Runner, The BEST Tampa Bay Cable Internet Provider, offering  Commercial and Residential Internet Access. We can also get you set up with affordable T-1 access for your business and network your cable access so your entire office can surf the net. For more information on Internet connectivity, contact MicroVision Inc. at (727) 642-7395 or email: microv@microvisionfl.com.

The Best Computer Prices

Need a Computer System Fast? Looking for the BEST price on a quality notebook computer? MicroVision Inc. offers free shipping on all pre-paid orders. Just tell us what product you want a price on and we will email the most current BEST price back to you. MicroVision Inc. only sells high quality computer systems. Each computer system is custom built to your specifications, using only the best quality parts. Everything we sell is completely tested before we ship it. Give us a call if you would like to start getting Great Prices on Top Quality Computer Systems today.

On-Site and Phone Tech Support

Is your computer running slow? Is your computer locking up? Do you have viruses, malware, spyware, etc.? MicroVision offers the BEST on-site and phone tech support! Most problems can be repaired in 60 minutes or less. Our phone support techs will walk you through every step to help you repair your system yourself at a very reasonable rate of $1.00 per minute.  If you have hardware problems or the computer just won't start up or run, we offer on-site repair service at a very reasonable rate of $75.00 per hour. Send an email or call us if you need help.


Want to network your office? Need a network in your home? Want to network your DSL or cable modem so you can share it with others on your network? MicroVision Inc. can handle all your networking needs. We specialize in Windows NT, Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP and Novell. We can also supply and install all your cabling necessary to connect your network and provide all the computer systems necessary to complete your network. We also specialize in repair, modification, and upgrades of your existing network. Give us a call if you would like to have a competitive quote on installing a new network or adding to your existing network today.

Data Recovery at its BEST

Do you have a hard drive or floppy disk that has lost or scrambled data on it? Do you need Evidentiary Investigation? Well, MicroVision Inc. will recover your data for you at a very reasonable cost. Whether your data is corrupted, crashed, infected, flooded, burned, or just disappears, MicroVision Inc. will help!  We have partnered with the largest Data Recovery Company, to give you the best possible service available.

For a small evaluation fee, our highly trained technicians will evaluate the problem with your drive and contact you with a remedy. It's that simple. So what are you waiting for? Contact MicroVision today!



Audio/Video/Musical Instruments

Interested in purchasing high end audio/video equipment or musical instruments for your multi-media project, recording studio, live performances, personal enjoyment or any other musical or video applications? Well you have come to the right place! MicroVision Inc. will provide you with the right product for whatever your needs are. We can provide you a quote for multi-media computer systems, video production gear, video projection systems, HDTV systems, high end stereo equipment, DSS Satellite equipment, recording studio equipment, Pro Audio musical amplification or musical instruments ranging from guitars to keyboards. MicroVision Inc. will give to the best prices on the products you specify. 

Need a full PA system for your next Gig or Seminar? Microvision offers full Pro Audio PA sound support. We have a full line of pro audio gear, for your next concert.

Want more gigs? Have a band that needs a demo CD? Have studio will travel. We can come to your practice facility or one of your gigs and record your band. We will master your music and hand it to you on CD.

Give us a call or email, with your needs and one of our staff will contact you with more information.


Give us a call at (727) 642-7395 or send email to microv@microvisionfl.com. One of our representatives will contact you with the information and quotes you requested. 


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